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Hi, I was wondering if any of you know where to get some lyrics for

Standstill - American Steel

I've looked pretty much everywhere, and I cannot find anything.

Just reply, even if you know a lyric he says at least.

Thank you.
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Hi I am in a band from the Providence area. Our name is Jeffcoat.
you can check our mp3 at

comment back if you wish
Hope you enjoy.-matt
UH im not at home, so when i am at home i will
What can I say
But it's like me
Far too often your steps are
weighted by sorrow
but I would sooner stand still
than stand indifferent
Since I learned regret, to live today
is not to waste another moment
one more thing before
I shut the door
I don't wanna see you here no more
I've been patient I think I've listened
I think you've got your two cents in
reservation, hesitation, amidst desperation,
I've known regret
hey whoa, what the fuck, that was forever ago.